Computers By Design of MN, Inc.

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11251 National St N.E.

Blaine, MN  55449

763-780-0301 <phone>  -  763-780-0302 <fax>

About us:

Computers By Design (1988-1993) was founded as a Sole Proprietorship by still owner Dale E. Vietz while in college for Computer Science, Computer & Consumer Technology, and later Electrical Engineering.  The company was Incorporated in January of 1993 in the state of Minnesota.  From age 10 (1977) with a personal programming background and operation of BBS's dating back to 1982, Dale worked with systems ranging from TI, Apple, Franklin, Commodore, and later to Amiga, Macintosh, and IBM.  Assembling, programming & repairing PC's as a teenager evolved into a business endeavor while in college which has continued to this date.  The heart of this business continues to be a lifelong commitment to providing the best in open architecture & performance PC's.  Various individuals have and do represent this company, but the driving force behind this company still remains with it's founder.   


Products we Specialize in:

High performance custom systems geared for CAD & Engineering.  Custom Network Servers & Workstations, Video & Audio Editing Systems (Low to High level), Home Theater PC Solutions, High performance gaming systems, Home & Internet workstations.  Branded & Whitebox Notebooks & Tablet PC’s.  Specialty Mini PC’s & SBC’s.  Embedded & Wireless Control Systems.  Network Attached Storage solutions (boxed or custom developed).  


Services we Provide:

Wholesale hardware & software solutions & consultation, as well as referred, no pressure, unsolicited consumer sales.  Extremely extensive hardware & software knowledge and experience; fairness, consistency, integrity, & history; a non-traditional business model; speed and thoroughness of orders and support, and uncompromising, unsurpassed quality of product offerings at each level.


Things you might not know about us:

We are an Intel® IPD dealer & Microsoft authorized system builder, as well as numerous other Vendor authorizations.  We can and do provide products ranging from individual computer components, printers, scanners, & peripherals to household & business standby power systems & Generator Sets.  We offer low percentage wholesale to other computer & electronics dealers, as well as decent place for qualified techs to pick up their upgrade parts at well below retail.  The sale of goods at low flat margins above actual cost make us a very valuable asset to many other businesses.  


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